Polyurea Division

Polyurea Spray Proportioners

Electric Reactors
EXP1 –
2500 psi, 1.0 gpm, 10 KW
EXP2 –
3500 psi, 2.0 gpm, 15 KW
Hydraulic Reactors
HXP2 –
3500 psi, 1.5, gpm15KW
HXP3 –
3500 psi, 2.8 gpm, 20KW

System Components

INTECH’s Mobile Spray Rigs come equipped with the components and accessories you need to get the job done right.


Supply Pump packages

  • Reactor Proportioners: Hydraulic or Electric

  • Heated Hoses, assembled, taped

  • Spray guns, Fusion, P2, or GX7

  • Drum Agitators if necessary

  • Spares and Spare Par Kits

  • Material of your choice, loaded and tested


  • Selected to run at peak efficiency

  • Installed for easy service and maintenance


  • Sized to meet the air requirements of system

  • Horizontal or vertical configurations

  • Screw or Piston

  • Constant run control with head un-loaders

Air Drying Systems

  • High inlet temperature or high ambient airtemperature air drying system

  • Automatic electric drain on evaporator

  • Desiccant Canister Systems Available

Breathing Systems

  • 4-stage breathing system

  •  Grade “D” breathable air

  • 4-stage filtration removes water, oily gaseous hydrocarbons, dirt, rust, scale, and other contaminants

  • System includes breathing hose, full face supplied air respirator and Co2 alarm

Ambient Air Systems

  • Portability, Flexible positioning

  • System included breathing hose and full face supplied air respirator

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